Our Vision
A World Without

Breast Cancer

Our Vision
A World Without

Breast Cancer

Our Vision
A World Without

Breast Cancer

Cancer Care Foundation

Information is Power.  The Cancer Care Foundation is a 501(c)3 registered charitable foundation dedicated to providing unbiased and objective information about all aspects of cancer.  Dr Navneet Sharda has served on the Board for over 10 years and believes that the best decisions are made by the most informed people.  Whether you are a patient or family member of a person suffering with cancer, we encourage you to get involved in the process of fighing the disease and help all of us achieve our shared vision of a World Without Cancer.

Breast Cancer Surgery

Self image and many aspects of maternity and femininity involve the breasts.  We are highly sensitive to these issues and have developed innovative strategies to avoid radical mastectomy while maximizing breast cancer cure.  The surgical aspects of breast conservation are complex but worthwhile for our patient’s wellbeing.  For more information about breast conservation surgery please go here.

Breast Cancer Treatment Center

You are not a number and should not be treated like one.  We maintain a close relationship with our patients during and after their cancer journey.  It is not just about the cancer-it is about you as a healthy and vital person.  We strive to help you adopt healthy behaviors to minimize the risk of any breast cancer recurrence.  Nutrition, hormone balance, exercise and spirituality are integral parts in our approach to curing breast cancer.  We design a breast cancer treatment plan which emphasizes limited surgery and only the necessary radiation therapy and chemotherapy to cure breast cancer while reducing any side effects.  Learn about our philosophy of treatment-contact us or make an appointment.

Breast Cancer Patient Experiences

I am a breast cancer survivor by the grace of God.  At 50 years I thought the worse I had to suffer were the hot flashes.  I always took care of myself and never smoked but there it was, that lump.  I tried denying it for almost 6 months but the little bugger never went away and said hello to me at least every month while I was in the bath.  So I went to my Doctor and he ordered a Mammogram.  It is a little hard even now, seven years later, to understand what happened next.  With my films in hand I was at the Breast Center at the big hospital here in Las Vegas.  They were nice but I just could not face the prospect of a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy before and after the surgery.  I just withdrew into myself and stopped going to those scary appointments.  The doctors and nurses just could not seem to understand my feelings and kept after me.  They were well meaning I suppose but something was just wrong.  The PET scan did not show any tumor other than the one breast, so what was all this about both breasts?  Just because Angelina Jolie did it does not make it the right choice for everybody.  At least that’s what I told the nice surgeon.  She did not seem to be happy with my decision and I just was not happy with her either so that ended that.

OK so about 4 months later my girlfriend took charge and brought me to her doctors.  The difference was wonderful.  Dr. Abeyatunge was all about my spirit and he was so kind and understanding and he never even brought up a mastectomy!  He never recommended both breasts to be removed and he showed me a diagram of how he could remove the tumor and I would keep my breast just fine.  I went to Dr Navneet Sharda, a very dynamic and brilliant Oncologist who agreed that a lumpectomy followed by radiation would do the trick.  He made everything so clear and I knew in my heart that this was the way to go.  Sometimes you get lucky with your doctors, and I for one am forever grateful to Amy getting involved and forcing me out of my shell.  Once you meet the doctors you can trust everything just seems to work out fine and I could not be happier.  It’s been seven years and I still see the Oncologist every 6 months or so.  He took me off the Tamoxifen and after we talked I decided against more medicine a couple of years ago and everything is perfect.  I would advise anybody not to take just any opinion, not even if it is from the most famous doctor in town, especially if that nagging doubt is there.  I was fortunate and I thank God that I listened to the inner voice.  I wish you all health and blessings.

Madeline G.

I have been a patient with Dr Navneet Sharda for almost 15 years now and I have followed his advice in so many ways.  He does not just give you radiation and forget you, no he advises you like a brother bout eating healthy and living clean.  I get so much doctoring from him I tried to make him my personal doctor.  Too bad he does not do heart problems or I would have asked him to do the angiogram.  I am not the best patient but he is great and eventually gets his way.  I finally stopped eating all meat after he lectured me about it for five years and really you get better in every way listening to him.  The radiation treatments were easy and his staff are all darlings and I would be happy to bring them my new vegetarian creations every week if they would let me.  So my advice to you ladies is that Dr Navneet Sharda is the best and most sincere doctor and if you have a cancer problem you won’t go wrong asking him for help.

Josephine M.

I tried to put this story on Google but am having trouble, I think it is very important for everybody to know.  I want to thank Brian the webmaster for helping me with this.  I can say that until I met Dr Navneet Sharda and Dr Lambert Abeyatunge my faith in doctors was at a very low point.  Just because I and my daughter wanted information and did not agree to having immediate chemotherapy and both breasts removed they KICKED me out !  How about that for some nerve.  We did some searching on the internet and by God’s hand saw an interview about Dr. Sharda and made an appointment.  He was just what we needed and perfectly honest and genuine.  He worked with us about natural therapies but insisted on keeping a close eye on the tumor and after three months with Gerson and Essiac and CBD nothing was getting better and I agreed to go ahead with the surgery.  By the way, Dr. Abeyatunge is one of the nicest and most patient surgeons I have ever known and he told me I only needed a lumpectomy and then reviewed the pathology report with me that showed all the tumor had been removed and proved that I never needed a mastectomy in the first place and certainly did not need both boobs taken off.  I recovered quickly from surgery I think Dr. Lambert’s hands are gifts from a higher power and went on to have radiation without any problems.  No barfing and no hair loss only a little red skin and feeling kind of tired.  What a different experience with those two compared to the crew I was seeing before who only wanted to try all their experimental stuff on me.  We may be simple people but my daughter and I know when a doctor is really looking out for you and that’s what my two angels are doing for me.  Thank you for reading this, I’m going to try posting a video also.

Caroline S.

In June of 2017 I was thrilled to see my breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Lambert Abeyatunge featured in the June/July issue of AARP Magazine !  He appeared with his patient Olympic snowboarding bronze medalist Amy Purdy, who was adamant that without Dr. Abeyatunge she would not be alive today.

I can relate to Amy’s accolade, as Dr. Abey was my surgeon as well and the results with him have been extraordinary.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and immediately my primary care physician called Dr. Sharda, his “go to Oncologist” and I was seen the very next day-no waiting thank goodness.  Later that day I went to see Dr. Abeyatunge and felt comfortable immediately.  My respect and admiration grew as he explained my options, addressed my concerns and detailed the nuances of surgery for breast cancer.  I left the office impressed with his compassion as well as his skills and was absolutely calm about the upcoming procedure.

The surgical staff were obviously experienced and they exuded confidence and respect for Dr. Abeyatunge.  After the surgery, the nurses informed me that he had removed all the cancer-I was thrilled at the masterful job he had done (my scar is minimal and Dr. Abey created a completely natural appearance).  Every visit with Dr. Abey since then has been glorious, he does not rush me and reassured me that the future looked bright.

My son visited both Dr. Sharda and Dr. Abeyatunge before I started my radiation treatments and my “A Team” made quite an impression on him.  Dr. Sharda, despite his busy schedule, spent time with both of us to go over aspects of breast cancer, and Dr. Abey sat down with us to discuss cancer causes, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.  Their caring and obvious expertise convinced my son his mother was in the best hands.  I could not have asked for two more dedicated, competent medical professionals.  Like Amy Purdy, I also say “if not for Dr. Abey and Dr. Sharda, I wouldn’t be here.”

Donna M.

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